Year book, 2020-2021

102,00 EUR

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Product description

  • Johanna Finne/Åland Post
  • 20.10.2021
  • €102.00
  • 1300
  • Hard cover 210 x 277 mm
  • Livonia Print
  • cover coffee table book that holds the stamp issues of two years as well as warm and heartfelt narratives and many enchanting photos. You meet a fascinating gallery of characters in areas such as art, dancing, politics, science, and manufacturing. The articles and stamp facts in the book are authored in English as well as German, Swedish and Finnish. The book comes with a bonus product that you can only obtain with the book: a specially produced graphic sheet of the FDC illustration for sailing ships Mozart and Viking, numbered and signed by the artist Allan Palmer. Watch the film about Carolina Sundelin: