Christmas Seals, 2021

5,00 EUR

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Product description

  • Rebecca Elfast
  • Johanna Finne/Åland Post
  • 20.10.2021
  • €5.00
  • 3000 sheets
  • 30,6 x 25,8 mm
  • 210 x 145 mm
  • 4-colour offset
  • Grano
  • This year’s Christmas seals perfectly match the Christmas stamps, and you can use the self-adhesive seals as decoration on your cards and parcels or as letter closers. The profit from the sale is donated to support (in support of?) non-profit associations and relief activities in Åland. The grantee of this year’s Christmas seal grant is the Åland Group for Borrelia Research, a network of medical researchers who study tick-borne infectious diseases. The Christmas seal grant will be used to finance studies of the immune system reactions following a tick-bite. Christmas seals are sold in sheets of 20 self-adhesive seals. PLEASE NOTE! DELIVERY AFTER DATE OF ISSUE